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Gazania Takatu Red
Gazania splendens 'Takatu Red'
Gorgeous! Dazzling! Brilliant! - just three of the exclamations we've had from nursery visitors to the large, deep-red flowers of this top class gazania. The contrast between petals and the dark sensuous centre has to be seen to be appreciated. It flowers freely and over a long period from early in spring.

Bold and sensuous spring and summer flowers.

Uses: A versatile low-maintenance ground cover for large tubs or decorative pots, edging of pathways and paved areas, rockeries, seaside gardens, banks, and walls.
Position: Plant in a sunny spot and a soil with good drainage. Hardy to drought, coastal conditions and light frost.
Care: A light clip from time to time to remove spent flowers will renew vigour. Apply a light feed in autumn.

x Width:

30 x 50 centimetres.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
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Suitable for dark green area.
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