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Viburnum Eve Price
Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'
Gorgeous Winter and Spring Flowers

Viburnum Eve Price - Gorgeous Winter and Spring Flowers - Viburnum ‘Eve Price’ is a compact and improved form of Viburnum lauristinus, a superb winter and spring flowering shrub from the Mediterranean. ‘Eve Price’ has striking deep carmine buds from which emerge the handsome clusters of white flowers. These stand out among the attractive, lush green foliage. In late summer there are clusters of blue-black berries, adding further to the appeal of this shrub.

This is a tough shrub, able to stand wind, so it can be used as a hedge, planted 60 centimetres apart. Of course, it’s also ideal as a component of a mixed, low maintenance, attractive shrub planting or can be used as a stand out solitary shrub. As a background to low growing shrubs or summer borders, it’s also excellent. ‘Eve Price’ is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, and compact enough to fit into any garden.
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