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Echium fastuosum
Echium fastuosum
Stunning sun lover for coastal gardens.

Echium fastuosum is big, bold and beautiful. It likes well drained soils and lots of sun and is quite happy where soils are dry and poor. By nature a coastal plant, the sandy, windy conditions of beach gardens are very much to its liking. It’s an excellent foliage plant as well as having gorgeous big purple-blue flower heads in spring. Great on banks surrounded by groundcovering, sun loving daisy flowers such as arctotis, gazanias and osteospermums. Use it against a cream wall for a Mediterranean effect. Or with the huge green leaves of Puka, Meryta sinclairii, a native tree which despite its lush good looks grows happily near the sea and in poor, dry soils.

Mingling a group of Echium fastuosum with lavenders and golden or orange leucospermums is another bright idea for sunny borders in coastal gardens. Try Echium fastuosum rising out of a groundcover of low growing rosemary varieties or next to Ceanothus ‘Joyce Coulter’ for a dramatic contrast in form, or if knock-your-socks-off colour contrasts are your thing, use this Echium among the shiny yellow, drought tolerant, groundcovering shrub Coleonema ‘Sunset Gold’. It looks good among clipped shrubs too - a low hedge of the grey leafed, drought and wind tolerant coastal shrub Teucrium fruticans makes a classy foreground to Echium fastuosum.

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