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Geranium incanum
Geranium incanum
Good looking ground-cover

The flowering performance of this low growing, ground covering, sun loving Geranium is little short of staggering. For month after month, sometimes all year long, the fine, dark green foliage is almost obscured by the masses of pretty purple flowers. This is an outstanding plant to grow among bold foliage subjects, such as the yellow and green leafed Yucca ‘Garland’s Gold’, light green Agave attenuata or deep green, tall growing Aloe bainesii. The low, sprawling form and bright flowers of Geranium incanum serve to emphasise the striking shape of the bold foliage plants, increasing the visual impact.

Geranium incanum also looks stunning spreading among Kangaroo paws and mingling with Sedum ‘Acapulco Gold’, Arctotis varieties such as ‘Hayley’ and ‘Hannah’ and lavenders including the gorgeous, deep, moody blue ‘Foveaux Storm’. In addition to being a stand-out ground cover plant, Geranium incanum is ideal for growing on walls and banks where it thrives in even very dry and poor soils.

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