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Grevillea Bronze Rambler
Grevillea 'Bronze Rambler'
Australian ground cover with many uses

Bold, attractive, ground hugging foliage that offers year-round appeal and attractive, toothbrush-shaped flowers for a long period gives this wide-spreading ground cover shrub heaps of appeal. It’s a rugged Australian, used to making do with little food, poor soil and drought but adapts well to well drained sunny sites in all sorts of situations. It’s especially popular for beach gardens, banks, walls and sunny borders of low maintenance shrubs - it has great weed smothering abilities.

What can it be combined with for a bit of drama? How about the big blue flower spikes and deep green foliage of Echium fastuosum or orange and yellow Leucadendrons and Leucospermums. Mingle it with other grevilleas, both low growing and bushy, including ‘Robyn Gordon’ and ‘Robin Hood’. It’s also intriguing as a companion for natives such as Cordyline varieties including ‘Purple Tower’ and ‘Red Star’ and in frost free areas with Agave attenuata while as a ground cover at the base of tall growing succulents such as Aloe bainesii it looks amazing. It doesn’t even have to be combined with other plants - scrambling through rounded boulders is another way to use this versatile Grevillea.
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