Paradise Sasanqua Camellias  
Paradise Gillian Paradise Helen Paradise Belinda Paradise Venessa Paradise Little Liane Paradise Petite Paradise Hilda Paradise Pearl Paradise Glow Paradise Joan Paradise Blush

Pure Beauty

Pure Colour

Cloud Soft

Heaven to Grow

Ideal for dense low to medium sized hedges, great as topiary specimens, surperb as standards, and perfect in pots.

Suitable for most gardening areas of New Zealand and will grow happily in sun or shade.

Create the stunning beauty of paradise in your garden today.

Paradise Varieties

Growing Paradise Camellia

Using Paradise Camellia



With their origins in Japan, sasanqua Camellia are steeped in the traditions of formal gardens. Today’s hybrids however, have forms to fit any garden. They’ll be seen as loose open screens, formal hedges, espaliers, columnar forms framing gates and entrances, as groundcovers, and container plants adorning terraces and patios. Few plants are so versatile.

Delightful when in bloom during autumn and winter, sasanqua Camellia look splendid all year round. They typically have deep green glossy foliage and cover a wide range of growth habits, size, and flower forms and colours.

Bob Cherry of Paradise Plants on the Central Coast, an hour's drive north of Sydney, does not just grow plants; he collects, breeds and lives plants. Since the early 1970’s he has spent all his spare time collecting and hybridising plants. One of Bob's specialities is sasanqua Camellia.

At Paradise Plants, this selection work continues, and staff pollinate several thousand flowers annually to produce even bigger flowers and bushier tidier plants. Breeding efforts are now specifically targeting longer flowering periods, perfume, improved growth habits and different colours.


Paradise sasanqua Camellia are specifically selected for longer flowering periods, perfume, improved growth habits and different colours. Look out for the distinctive Paradise Camellia Labels and our detailed guides: Paradise sasanqua Camellia Varieties and Using & Growing Paradise Camellias at your garden centre.

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