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Phormium Black Rage
Phormium 'Black Rage'
A stunning rich, smokey, dark-grey dwarf flax, with leaf undersides in a distinct silvery blue. It holds its colour well and foliage weeps to form a stylish clump; at home in garden or pot - where it grows quickly to fill a spot or gap. Bold summer flowers attract native birds.

'Evergreen' luxuriant growth in dark shades.

Uses: Gardens, screens, rockeries or banks. Looks good in a patio pot for a year or two. Its foliage is wonderful in floral art.
Position: Sun or part shade, and reasonable soil, hot or cold, dry or damp.
Care: Light general fertiliser dressing in autumn and occasional grooming to remove oldest leaves will keep the bush tidy and vigorous.

x Width:

80 x 80 centimetres.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
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Suitable for dark green area.
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