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We're pleased to list plants we're currently growing that suit a particular application or site. Check through the catagories below for ideas. This list of applications and the plants lists will grow and change from time to time, so come back again sometime!

  Use on banks ... view list  
  Attracting birds ... view list  
  Use in clay soils ... view list  
  Coastal gardens ... view list  
  Cottage gardens ... view list  
  Dry shade ... view list  
  Easy care gardens ... view list  
  Fruit to eat ... view list  
  Fine foliage form ... view list  
  Fragrant flowers or foliage ... view list  
  Good ground cover ... view list  
  Hot & dry places ... view list  
  A Mediterranean theme ... view list  
  New Zealand native gardens ... view list  
  Partly shaded places ... view list  
  Patio tubs or pots ... view list  
  Flower or foliage picking ... view list  
  Screens and hedges ... view list  
  Fully shaded sites ... view list  
  Training as standards ... view list  
  Use in structural gardens ... view list  
  Wet or boggy places ... view list  

This list and information is provided as a guide only. Some plants suit the indicated use better than others and a plant's response and suitability will be influenced by local conditions. Seek and apply local advice.
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Pictures and information intended as a guide only - Apply local knowledge and advice.
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