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Acacia Limelight
Acacia cognata 'Limelight'
A stand out shrub with a rounded shape and dense, fine, bright green foliage. It’s striking as a contrast among bold foliage plants, even more so when grown as a container plant. The shape and the lushness of the foliage make you want to stop and stroke it, which means it’s a fun plant to place in a pot beside decks or outdoor seating areas.

Mounded, grassy, rich green foliage look.

Uses: Fantastic in patio tubs, near decks and for for lining paths and paved. Good choice for minimalist and Japanese style gardens.
Position: Full sun or part shade and a well-drained soil.
Care: Little needed - an easy-care choice. If used in tubs apply a light dressing of a slow-release fertiliser each autumn.

x Width:

80 x 80 centimetres.
Eligible for application prior to 5/1/2006 for protection under NZ's Plant Variety Rights Act 1987. Unauthorised propagation unwise.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
Hardiness Zone - suits dark green area - click for details
Suitable for dark green area.
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