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Anigozanthus Bush Eclipse
Anigozanthus fuliginosa 'Bush Eclipse'
Native to Western Australia, Kangaroo paws make excellent garden and patio subjects and wonderful cutflowers for a bold indoor statement. Bush Eclipse flowers later in summer and spot flowers almost year round, certainly to its own timetable. It has a high natural disease tolerance and needs little water - summer droughts eat dust!

A selected form of the unique "black kangaroo paw" with stunning black flowers opening to reveal a contrasting light green underside.

Uses: Wonderful cutflower and great back-of-border show stopper.
Position: Plant in a well-aired and sunny position and a coarse and well-drained soil - it does not like wet feet!
Care: Remove spent flower heads to prolong flowering. An annual tidy and a light dressing of low-phosphorus slow-release fertiliser in autumn is beneficial.

x Width:

Clump to 50x50cm and stems 60-120 centimetres.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
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Suitable for dark green area.
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