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Arenaria White Sparkler
Arenaria montana compactum 'White Sparkler'
White Sparkler's at home in patio pots, rock gardens, borders and in nooks and crannies between pavers and in gaps in garden walls. It's a robust green-leafed perennial plant with small, slender-stalked, ice-white flowers en masse from spring and on into summer. Wonderful contrast with bold foliage groundcovers.

Low growing perennial adding brightness to the springtime garden.

Uses: Ideal as a container subject, the front of the borders and as a patio plant.
Position: Plant in full sun and a moisture retentive, but freely-drained soil. Extremely hardy.
Care: Little needed, just a clip at the end of flowering to encourage vigour next season. In autumn, a feed with liquid fertiliser will be beneficial.

x Width:

15 x 30 centimetres.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
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Suitable for dark green area.
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