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Choisya ternata
Choisya ternata
Always attractive with glossy, medium-green foliage looking good all year round. In spring the compact bushes are smothered in white blossom, rather like big orange blossoms. Hence the common name of Mexican orange blossom - it’s a native of Mexico.

Continuous evergreen performer that's easy to grow.

Uses: Screens, hedges, banks and borders - adaptable and versatile.
Position: A versatile shrub, at home in sun or shade, and able to grow in poor, dry soils as happily as in moist, rich ones.
Care: Occasional trim to tidy, especially if a heavy frost has left it scruffy. Dress lightly with a general fertiliser in autumn.

x Width:

1.5 x 1.5 metres.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
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Suitable for dark green area.
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