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Citrus Tahitian Lime
Citrus aurantiifolia 'Tahitian Lime'
This seedless fruit's quickly becoming a culinary favourite - adding greatly to the flavors of many of the foods we eat. They're loaded with vitamin C and their slightly sweet, tangy juice can help you cut down on the amount of salt you add to dishes you prepare. Plant one today!

Juicy fruit over a long season on a tidy and ornamental tree.

Uses: Grown mostly for the fruit, Tahitian Lime looks good in both garden borders and patio tubs. Fruit's often green in shops, though tinged yellow when fully ripe.
Position: Sunny and well-drained, protect from harsh winds. Will need protection from heavy frost in colder areas of Zone 9.
Care: Light prune to shape and tidy. Water during dry periods, mulch to conserve moisture. Apply citrus fertiliser taking care not to disturb shallow roots.

x Width:

3 x 3 metres.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
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Suitable for dark green area.
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