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Clianthus Kaka King
Clianthus puniceus 'Kaka King'
When seen in full flower during late winter and spring, Kaka King will make you gasp, such is the impact of the vivid large red parrot-beak shaped flowers that hang in clusters from the bush. A selection from New Zealand's native flora sets the standard, and while it requires some work for best display, it's well worth it.

Spectacular spring time flower display.

Uses: Versatile; can be used as a specimen shrub alone or in groups, trained as a standard or espaliered up a trellis or wall.
Position: Full sun to part shade, sheltered from harsh conditions and well-drained soil.
Care: Protect from all but the lightest frost and cut the plant back after flowering. Protect from slugs and snails, and spray with an insecticide in spring to prevent unsightly leaf-mining.

x Width:

2 x 2 metres, though readily trimmed to shape.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
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Suitable for dark green area.
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