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Coprosma Karo Red
Coprosma 'Karo Red'
Eye-catching foliage in tones of emerald through bronze and red to almost black made this selection easy. Its compact habit, outstanding form and striking colour make Karo Red an ideal plant for garden, patio and vase.

Stunning unique foliage colours.

Uses: Garden, borders, patio pots and tubs, floral work.
Position: Sun or dappled shade, good drainage, tolerant of dry conditions, wind, coastal conditions and light frost - protect when young.
Care: Trim to shape from time to time, apply general fertiliser in autumn.

x Width:

50 x 120 centimetres.
PVR PVR - Protected under NZ’s Plant Variety Rights Act 1987. Unauthorised propagation prohibited.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
Hardiness Zone - suits dark green area - click for details
Suitable for dark green area.
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