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Hebe Red Edge
Hebe albicans 'Red Edge'
A splendid, dense, mounding shrub with year-round interest. It has tiny grey-green leaves that sport a striking red margin that's so intense that come spring, the leaves take on a pink hue. From summer to autumn pink flower buds open lilac and fade to white.

Spreading evergreen shrub with year round appeal.

Uses: Garden borders, patio pots and rockeries.
Position: Open, sunny (for best colour) to lightly-shaded and a well-drained soil.
Care: Just an occasional trim to tidy and a general fertiliser in autumn.

x Width:

45 x 60 centimetres.
Hardiness Zone:
(if known)
Hardiness Zone - suits dark green area - click for details
Suitable for dark green area.
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