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Marguerite Summit Pink
Argyranthemum frutescens 'Summit Pink'
A Better Than Ever Daisy Bush

Can they go on improving the humble marguerite, making these bush daisies smaller and more compact but with a bigger than ever flowering performance? Apparently they can, for ‘Summit Pink’ is considered one of the most amazing marguerites ever. The bushes are just fifty centimetres high and when they’re smothered in flowers, which they are for months on end, the effect is pretty spectacular. The main flowering times are spring until well into summer, then again in autumn.

It’s a patio plant supreme, putting on a top performance in pots, either on its own or along with other plants. We like the idea of using ‘Summit Pink’ with trailing plants, such as Bacopa ‘Blue Showers’ which will tumble over the edge of the pot and carry on flowering even longer than the marguerite. It’s a delightfully cheerful plant to grow beside an entranceway or letterbox too, among annuals perhaps, or with roses, maybe perennials such as blue delphiniums or some of the small growing single dahlias, in pink or white, or the new lavender ‘Provocatif’ - the ideas are endless. Remember, if you are growing marguerites in pots they will need regular watering. In the garden, watering is a good idea during dry summer spells to keep them growing to perfection. A clipping now and then encourages new flowers to keep on coming.
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