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Ophiopogon Black Dragon
Ophiopogon japonicus 'Black Dragon'
Black Beauty

Stunning good looks and the ability to grow just about anywhere make this small, grass-like plant extremely popular. Black Dragon is just as popular for growing in a little pot as it is for use as a big patch of ground cover. It grows happily in sun or shade, so you can have a little group in dappled shade around a deciduous tree - white trunked Betula jacquemontii is spectacular to use it with - or it can be planted with succulents and stones in a sun-baked courtyard.

As well as looking good on the edge of paving it also remains so compact that there are no concerns about it growing too big and wide and making it hard to walk by, as so often happens with plants in such situations. Its texture and colour make it wonderful for contrasting with bold foliage succulents such as Echeverias and Agaves. A blue-grey Echeveria, Ophiopogon Black Dragon and the ground hugging, maroon-grey native Acaena inermis Purpurea make a great trio for a pretty, low pot and they will go on looking good for a long time. Another idea for a long-lasting, dramatic and easy care container planting is Ophiopogon Black Dragon with Yucca Garlands Gold.

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