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Osteospermum Peggy's Yellow
Osteospermum 'Peggy's Yellow'
A ‘Makes-You-Feel-Good’ Plant

Osteospermum Peggy’s Yellow - A ‘Makes-You-Feel-Good’ Plant - Osteospermum ‘Peggy’s Yellow’ is one of those hard-to-resist daisy flowers, the colour so bold that it seems to glow like the sun. It’s an optomistic, makes-you-feel-good plant which fits in well in sunny borders, on banks, gravel gardens, and anywhere that there’s good drainage and plenty of light.

for a bold statement, mingle it with blue or purple salvias - the dainy spikes of Salvia greggii ‘Purple’, one of the Mexican Bandits Salvias which flower all summer and autumn, are a perfect combination. ‘Peggy’s Yellow’ is tough enough to grow with ease in sandy beach gardens, where it can be grouped with spiky succulents, agapanthus, leucadendrons and cordylines. Try it with lavenders or the blue flowered Plectranthus neochilus in sunny gardens too.

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