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Feijoa Wundervoll
Feijoa sellowiana 'Wundervoll'

Wondervoll’s versatility impresses - it’s great as a screen, a hedge, or a lawn specimen tree and has the bonus of autumn fruit. It grows quickly to form a bushy tree with olive-green leaves, and late summer brings red flowers, followed by oval green fruit. Fruit yield is enhanced by planting in groups, and adequate summer water.

Feijoas are marvellous eating, straight from the tree or to add their distinctive flavour to a variety of cooked dishes.

They’re good too as ornamental shrubs as well as providers of fruit and the ease with which they adapt to a wide variety of situations makes them very popular. They are happy clipped which makes them useful as hedges. The fact that they can be clipped and kept compact also increases the options for where they can be accommodated in gardens, even those with little space to spare.

The light green, grey backed leaves makes them ideal for inclusion in Mediterranean style gardens featuring silvery leafed plants such as olives (Olea ‘Rakino’), Astelia chathamica ‘Silver Spears’, Santolina chamaecyparissus, lavenders and Convolvulus cneorum. The flowers of Feijoa ‘Wondervoll’ are pretty too, adding to the appeal of this shrub.

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