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Acacia Green Mist
Acacia cognata 'Green Mist'
Weeping Beauty

Dwarf shrubs with a naturally weeping form and beautiful, evergreen foliage are something to cherish in the garden, for they offer a refreshing change to the more usual shapes and textures. One of the most exciting of such shrubs is Acacia cognata ‘Green Mist’, an Australian native which has just become available to New Zealand gardeners.

‘Green Mist’ grows just a metre high but can spread over twice that distance, which means it is a superbly effective means of overcoming weeds in a low maintenance garden. The fact that it doesn’t need pruning to keep its shape and pretty well takes care of itself once established also makes it a favourite where ease of maintenance is a priority. Visually it’s a delight, for the narrow foliage is an appealing fresh green colour and the slender little branches curve downwards, creating a layered, weeping effect. Because ‘Green Mist’ will grow in sun or part shade and is drought tolerant it has many uses. It looks superb with ferns in low light situations but is just as amazing in the open as a background planting to succulents - try it behind a ground covering mass of blue-green echeveria succulents for a bit of drama - or bold perennials such as Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’ and Euphorbia ‘Kea’.

‘Green Mist’ also combines strikingly with some of our New Zealand natives, especially those with bold foliage such as Astelia ‘Silver Spears’. Use it with ground covering plants such as Coleonema ‘Sunset Gold’ and wonderfully sky blue Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’. Acacia ‘Green Mist’ also makes an excellent, low, informal hedge, is stunning beside water and with stone, and is ideal for Japanese gardens where the serene green look is so desirable.

In small gardens it is likely to become a popular container plant. Tall containers are an effective way of showing off its weeping habit.

Most of all it provides a lush, green look which provides year round pleasure.

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