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Acmadenia Starblush
Acmadenia Starblush
Acmadenia tetragona 'Starblush'
Great colour for the cooler months

This is one of those little shrubs which astonishes with its flowering performance. The flowers are especially profuse during the cooler months, when garden colour is particularly welcome, and they often carry on during much of the rest of the year too. The foliage is tiny, which means the starry pink flowers on every tip really stand out - no danger of them being obscured by the leaves in this case. The stems of the new growths are a russet red shade, contrasting pleasantly with the flowers.

Acmadenia ‘Starblush’ is a plant to place somewhere where you will pause to squeeze the foliage which is pleasantly aromatic. Because it’s so small it needs to be at the front of a shrub border, where it won’t be overwhelmed by bigger plants. Or try it in a container. Wherever you grow it, be sure to choose a sunny spot, with well drained soil. Try combining it with other dwarf shrubs such as Tetratheca ‘Bibelles’ which shares a similarly prolific flowering habit.

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