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Aloe polyphylla
Aloe polyphylla
Work of art succulent

Until recently this amazing and desirable succulent was extremely hard to obtain. Now, thanks to modern propagation techniques, it is readily available in garden centres. Aloe polyphylla is an excellent example of a plant which is a living work of art - the spirals of closely packed, thick, fleshy leaves are a wonderful example of symmetry and the soft green colour is a delight.

To grow this succulent successfully you need to provide it with perfect drainage and all day sun. It looks amazing in a container, especially one of the rough textured, creamy-grey hypa tufa types or in a sophisticated, smooth, creamy-green, dark grey or black pot which is low and wide.

In the garden, surround Aloe polyphylla with gravel or stones and grow it next to pretty small succulents such as jellybeans (Sedum x rubrotinctum), Sedum ‘Acapulco Gold’ or with dwarf, drought tolerant grasses such as dramatic Ophiopogon ‘Black Dragon’. Position taller growing grasses and succulents and colourful, sun loving perennials so they form a background to Aloe polyphylla and the scene becomes a dramatic one.

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