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Arctotis Hannah
Arctotis 'Hannah'
Fun in the sun

This new and improved variety of Arctotis is great for garden situations where’s there’s oodles of sunshine and excellent drainage. It is happy in dry soils and beach sands, in raised gardens and banks and slopes which dry out quickly. The flowering performance is spectacular and lengthy, going on for month after month. When there’s a pause, simply give a light trimming and a new crop of flowers will soon emerge.

The vibrant colours of ‘Hannah’ make this a stunning plant to combine with deep blue lavenders such as ‘Foveaux Storm’, coppery grasses such as Carex testacea, richly coloured Alstroemerias including ‘Burgundy Dream’ and ‘Inca Tropic’, dramatic foliage plants such as Yucca ‘Garland’s Gold’, Agave attenuata and Aloe plicatilis. Because Arctotis ‘Hannah’ grows densely it is an excellent plant to use as a weed suppressing, low maintenance ground cover. Mix it with Geranium incanum and Gazania ‘Montezuma’ for a ground covering planting that’s really fun and makes gardening easy by growing so densely that weeds find it hard to get a look in.
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