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Bacopa Blizzard
Bacopa cordata 'Blizzard'
Superb Carpeting & Cascading Groundcover

A great groundcover, but it’s at its most amazing in a tall pot, or in a large container on a table or bench where the masses of white Whether it’s used as a ground cover or as a container plant, low growing, almost forever flowering Bacopa ‘Blizzard’ contributes a great deal to a garden.

In pots it’s in its element, growing flat and wide, spilling over the edges a considerable distance and smothering itself in the cute, small, snowy white flowers for most of the year. A little shade suits it best and when seen against a shadowy background the effect is dramatic. If the container is raised to near eye level the cascading effect is even more pleasing. This can be achieved by placing the container on a table or attaching it to a wall or fence.

In a large container Bacopa ‘Blizzard’ teams superbly with the bold and highly popular Astelia ‘Silver Spears’.

The cascading habit also makes it an ideal plant for a hanging basket, where it combines prettily with Pansies or Impatiens, or mix it with other foliage plants such as variegated Chlorophytum, green and white edged Hostas or the cream and green grass Carex ‘Evergold’.

In the garden Bacopa ‘Blizzard’ makes a fine contrast to plants with silvery, cream or pale green foliage. Try it at the feet of the stunning new silver foliage plant Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’, which is a great year round performer for light shade, or let it thread its foliage through the green and silver leaves of Heuchera ‘Green Spice’.

Where more contrast is required, plant a group of Ophiopogon ‘Black Dragon’ beside Bacopa ‘Blizzard’. This is a pairing that works as well in a container as in the garden. Other ideas to try with this versatile plant include as a contrast with the big, lush, green leaves and blue flowers of the Chatham Island forget-me-not, Myosotidium hortensia.
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