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Buddleia Spring Promise
Buddleia asiatica 'Spring Promise'
Not your average buddleia

We usually think of buddleias as summer flowering shrubs and a bit too vigorous for the average garden. But here’s a very different buddleia, a daintier one which flowers in winter and spring. From the middle of winter it has masses of slender stemmed, long white flowers which on sunny days have a delicious fragrance. It can be grown in full sun, or where there’s shade for part of the day. It’s a great addition to the shrub border. Try it with the beautiful blue Dichroa ‘Blue Sapphires’ which extends its flowering season over much of the year. Great to mix with all sorts of blue and white flowers, ‘Spring Promise’ grows quickly and will tolerate quite dry conditions when established. Use it to brighten up the winter garden. Prune it lightly as soon as flowering has finished to keep it compact.
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