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Camellia Classique
Camellia sasanqua 'Classique'
Dwarf Camellia has Many Uses

‘Classique is one of the early flowering Sasanqua Camellias which are much loved for their profusion of flowers in autumn. ‘Classique’ shares that free flowering characteristic, but differs from most other Sasanqua varieties in its growth habit which is low and spreading. This makes it an exceptional dwarf shrub or, when planted as a close group, a bushy ground cover which is highly effective at preventing weeds as well as providing year round visual appeal with its glossy, dark green foliage. In addition there’s the great display of pretty, two tone, pink flowers with single yellow stamens over many weeks in autumn. The fact that it’s a dwarf shrub means that the flowers show up really well as you are always looking down onto them, not catching a fleeting glimpse of them among tall branches.

The compact growth habit of Camellia ‘Classique’ means it’s also well suited to growing in containers, creating a feature on decks and in courtyards.

‘Classique’ is one of the most adaptable of garden shrubs, happy in full sun or light shade. It makes an ideal companion for other compact shrubs such as Daphnes, dwarf Rhododendrons, Osmanthus ‘Pearly Gates’ and Loropetalum ‘China Pink’, which has burgundy foliage all year round and pink flowers in spring. All have attractive foliage and flowers at different times of the year, so when grouped together there is a sequence of interest.

In small gardens, Camellia ‘Classique’ makes an appealing focal point among ground cover plants, annuals and low growing perennials. Plant it with Hellebores, Heucheras, Liriopes, small growing Euphorbias such as the new, emerald green ‘Kea’, or ground covers such as Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’ or Bacopa ‘Blizzard’.

It’s also very attractive when grown with the white daisy flowers and silver foliage of Leucanthemum ‘Sparkles’, wide spreading Verbenas and compact little Hebes such as ‘Red Edge’.
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