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Camellia Paradise Pearl
Camellia sasanqua 'Paradise Pearl'
Paradise sasanqua camellia are a beautiful way to fill the autumn garden with flowers.

How many times have you heard it said that autumn’s a quiet time in the garden? Well, it needn’t be if you plant sasanqua camellias that flower their heads off at this time of the year. Even more exciting than the familiar sasanqua camellias are the new ‘Paradise’ varieties, which without exception put on stunning flowering displays, but have varying growth habits which means there’s one to suit your needs.

Some, such as soft pink flowered ‘Paradise Petite’, are dwarf growing, which means they are great for small gardens as well as for clipping into dense and highly ornamental low hedges. A short hedge is an excellent means of defining an area of garden, giving it a distinctive character, or for disguising the base of an unappealing structure, or to create an intimate surround for a garden bench. ‘Paradise Helen’, ‘Paradise Belinda’ and ‘Paradise Hilda’ are three of the tall varieties, growing to a height of around 3 metres and with a vigorous habit, making them ideal for a hedge or screen. With a dense habit, ‘Paradise Helen’ is also good as lawn specimen.

Varieties such as ‘Little Liane’ are good for topiary, ‘Little Liane’ together with Paradise Petite are readily used in bonsai. ‘Paradise Joan’ has an open habit in its early years so is well suited to espaliering against a wall or fence - what a great way of having lots of flowers where there is little space to spare such as along a narrow space between your house and a neighbour’s boundary.

For those adept at clipping, try ‘Paradise Joan’ or ‘Paradise Helen’ in a patio tub, and 'Paradise Pearl' looks good as mid-tier border plant or medium-height screen.

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