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Campanula Resholdt's Variety
Campanula carpatica 'Resholdt's Variety'
Wide, Blue and Handsome

Low growing, compact and tidy, Campanula ‘Resholdt’s Variety’ is one of the most useful small garden plants you can find. It grows with the greatest of ease and puts on a flowering display which is amazing. From spring to summer’s end it is smothered in pretty, lilac-blue flowers which just keep on coming.

Because Campanula ‘Resholdt’s Variety’ is so compact it’s ideal for planting as an edging, looking stunning as a foreground to roses, perennials and annuals. Try mingling it with pink roses, pretty annuals such as salpiglossis, snapdragons, violas and larkspurs, taller campanulas such as dark purple ‘Kent Belle’, the extremely compact and free flowering Salvia ‘Marcus’, and little daisy bushes such as sky blue Felicias and purple Brachychomes.

If a bolder contrast is sought, plant Campanula ‘Resholdt’s Variety’ right in front of golden flowered, miniature daylilies such as ‘Stella Bella’, lime green, spring flowering Euphorbia polychroma, and the exotic looking pineapple lily, Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgundy’, which has sturdy stemmed, very upright, long lasting flowers shaped like little pineapples. Both the flowers and the foliage of the Eucomis are a rich, red wine colour.

Its free flowering nature and very compact habit of growth also make ‘Resholdt’s Variety’ a stand out plant for pots. In hanging baskets it combines prettily with blue or white violas and all-summer-flowering Bacopa ‘Blizzard’. The Bacopa’s trailing habit means it will quickly tumble over the edge of a hanging basket.

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