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Carex testacea
Carex testacea
A plant with 101 uses

There are more than 101 uses for the bronze foliage native tussock grass Carex testacea. This clump forming plant is a stand-out when used in a bold group on its own but it is also adored for the way it enhances other plants, especially those with bold foliage or bright flowers. It looks stunning with low growing, gold and green Yucca Garlands Gold, especially if several of each are planted together. Add one of the dramatic foliage cordylines, such as Purple Tower or Red Star behind them and the effect is even more interesting. Mix Carex testacea with succulents too, in pots or in the garden, and with bronze foliage lancewoods.

Great foliage effect in a natives style garden can be achieved with a planting of one or several Carex testacea, a slender lancewood - Pseudopanax crassifolius or Pseudopanax ferox - a colourful coprosma such as Rainbow Surprise or Green & Gold and a pretty flax such as Sunset Dreams. If you want to add some flowers to this all-native group, include Clianthus Kaka King and the small growing Kowhai Dragons Gold or Metrosideros Jaffa, a showy native rata.Carex testacea is also an attractive inclusion in gardens where perennials feature. With golden daylilies (Hemerocallis) and red and orange alstroemerias it looks stunning, and among perennials grown for their foliage its also a plant to use for dramatic contrast - with chocolate coloured Heucheras and big blue Hostas for instance.

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