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Coleonema Album
Coleonema 'Album'
Heavenly Fragrance

Okay, so you have to brush against or rub the foliage to release the wonderful fragrance of the white flowered Breath of Heaven, Coleonema ‘Alba’, but that’s easy to do if this attractive, fine-foliage shrub is positioned close to a path. In addition to the scented foliage, this shrub also has a good flower display - the deep green, heath-like growths are covered with little white flowers in late winter and throughout spring.

This is a small shrub so it can be used towards the front of mixed borders. A well drained soil and full sun are essential. It’s enchanting with other fragrant plants - imagine the joy of doing a bit of weeding or pruning among a group consisting of such plants as Coleonema ‘Alba’, lavenders, rosemaries, heliotrope, mignonette and, if there’s room, the wide spreading, groundcovering peppermint geranium.

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