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Coleonema Compactum
Coleonema pulchrum 'Compactum'
A fragrance to make you smile

The foliage is soft, tiny and attached to slender stems, making you want to run your fingers through it, and when you do this the contact releases a fragrance which makes you smile. Add to this the other qualities of Coleonema ‘Compactum’, such as its drought tolerance, its low and compact, weed suppressing habit of growth, the pretty little pink flowers in spring, and you have a most worthwhile shrub.

It likes a sunny spot, easy enough to find in most gardens, and well drained soils. You can pretty well plant it and forget it, aside from a little light trimming every few years to ensure it keeps its desirable compactness.

What should you plant it with? The choice is considerable, but you might like to grow it with some other fragrant foliage plants, such as lavenders and rosemaries, both of which also possess an abundance of that feel good factor when you brush up against them. Coleonema ‘Compactum’ also makes an interesting companion for scented leaf pelargoniums or as a ground cover around a lemon tree. In coastal gardens, plant it around pink flowered Proteas such as ‘Pink Ice’ or Protea cynaroides, which has huge, magnificent, pink flowers.

If more impact is required, contrast Coleonema ‘Compactum’ with upright growing flaxes such as pink toned ‘Sunset Dreams’ or the bold form of Yucca elephantipes.

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