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Coleonema Pinkie
Coleonema pulchrum 'Pinkie'
Fragrant Treat

Brush against the fine green foliage of Coleonema Pinkie and a pleasant and strong aroma is released. Because there has to be contact to trigger the scent this is a good shrub to plant beside a path or steps so contact becomes inevitable. Plants such as this make weeding the garden a pleasure and a group of plants with fragrant foliage in the one bed can be a fascinating, fragrant treat.

Try grouping them around a garden seat so you can sit and fondle the foliage and it becomes a very special and soothing place. Gathering such a collection becomes a fun exercise in itself and along with Coleonema Pinkie could include rosemaries, lavenders, scented leaf pelargoniums, lemon verbena, thymes, monardas and lemon balm.

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