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Cotinus Royal Purple
Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'
Gorgeous Deep Wine Foliage

Dark, rich, burgundy red foliage has become very popular in recent times, and rightly so, for it’s a colour that has much to offer in the garden. As a contrast to green foliage it’s superb, or if you want more colour it can be used with yellows, fiery oranges, hot reds - in any direction your imagination takes you.

In Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ we have a large shrub that provides the desired deep burgundy foliage colours throughout spring and summer. In autumn the colours become even more intense, a blend of red, orange and gold.

This is an ideal shrub to use for contrast and drama in the garden. Try it with dark red roses in the summer garden, or with bronze foliage plants such as Heucheras. It looks stunning with a foreground group of bronze Heucheras planted so they surround a large, glazed, dark bronze pot.

Team Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ with Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ and one of the red-bronze native cabbage trees (Cordyline) such as ‘Red Star’ and you can have a subtropical effect even in cold winter areas because the plants are tolerant of frosty conditions.

The foliage colours of ‘Royal Purple’ are superb with green leafed shrubs and trees too, providing a contrast which is very easy on the eye. It also makes an intriguing association with small leafed deciduous trees such as Japanese maples. Their dainty foliage is very colourful in spring and turns fiery shades in autumn. In sheltered, inland gardens, a group of deciduous shrubs with dazzling autumn foliage makes a very special garden feature. In addition to the Japanese maples and Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ you could add Nyssa sylvatica, Pistachia chinensis and Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ for a dazzling display of fiery colours which will be particularly appreciated as the days get shorter and colder.

Remember to prune Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ in the winter as this encourages strong new growth which has the best colour."

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