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Daphne Alba
Daphne odora 'Alba'
Full-on fragrance

Daphne Alba - Full-on fragrance. The sweet and powerful scent of Daphne Alba is one of the greatest joys of a garden. This low, compact shrub with glossy, deep green leaves is handsome throughout the year, but in late winter over a periofd of many weeks it becomes a real attention grabber with masses of beautiful white flowers. These produce the sort of scent thats streets ahead of anything the perfume manufacturers can come up with and its so strong that you dont have to bend down close to the plant to enjoy it.

Daphne Alba is wonderful to position beside a much used path or entrance - imagine what a conversation piece it becomes at a front door. Its a great shrub for slightly shaded positions - direct sun all day can turn the handsome foliage a not so pleasing yellow green colour. It is so dense growing that it can make a bushy ground cover, great looking as well as saving work by smothering weeds. For a dramatic combination, combine it with Hellebores such as Flash Gordon or Thoroughbred Choice which enjoy similar conditions. For even more perfume, plant Daphne Alba beneath the tall shrub Michaelia yunnanensis Velvet and Cream which also has very beautiful, highly fragrant white flowers over a long period in late winter.

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