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Daphne Leucanthe
Daphne odora 'Leucanthe'

Daphne odora Leucanthe will always be a favourite shrub because the flowers possess one of those magical perfumes, miles better than anything that comes in a bottle. Plant it near a path or doorway, or perhaps near a window which is often left open, so the scent, which is obvious some metres away from the plant, can be enjoyed to the full. The flowers, produced for a long time in late winter and early spring, can be picked and brought indoors, but be sure to cut them with green stems - cutting back into old wood is not good for the bush. For an added scent sensation in late winter and early spring, plant Daphne odora Leucanthe in the foreground of scented Michelias. This hardy shrub will grow in sun but is best in light shade as the lower light makes for the most attractive, deep green leaf colour. You can grow it in dappled shade or against a south facing wall, but wherever it is positioned it needs good soil, good drainage, and feeding with the sort of fertiliser you would give to rhododendrons and camellias.
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