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Helipterum Paper Cascade
Helipterum 'Paper Cascade'
A dazzling ground cover & perfect for pots

This enchanting, sun loving little plant grows low and wide and has a cascading habit, which makes it ideal for pots, hanging baskets, and for growing on the edges of banks and walls too. This is a very neat and tidy plant, with tightly packed, grey green foliage. The buds as well as the flowers are striking. The crimson buds become prominent in late winter and early spring before opening into masses of star shaped, papery textured, shiny white, short stemmed flowers which cover the plant so thickly that the foliage is almost obscured.

This sun loving plant is most attractive on its own in a pot. This enables it to show off its distinctive form. It looks good in a collection of other small and pretty potted plants with a tight habit of low growth such as Saxifraga ‘Star Blush’, Salvia ‘Marcus’ and Bacopa ‘Blue Showers’.

In the garden it’s ideal for growing where the ground is slightly raised, so its cascading habit can be shown off to advantage. Anywhere there is a raised bed, a rock garden, a wall or planter is ideal. It makes an amazing sight when used as a contrast to other compact growing plants, such as Hebe ‘Red Edge’, or planted as a ground covering group in front of and among English lavenders such as ‘Foveaux Storm’ and ‘Violet Intrigue’.

Try it too as a foreground to small growing, prolific shrubs such as Acmadenia ‘Starblush’ which has a myriad of little, powder-pink, star shaped flowers nestled among the deep green and very attractive foliage in winter and spring. Or create a scene stealer by planting a group of Helipterum ‘Paper Cascade’ as a foreground to the little Australian daisy, Felicia ‘Blue Jay’, or the new, very compact, Euphorbia ‘Kea’. Another idea is to have Helipterum ‘Paper Cascade’ spreading over the edge of a garden bed in the foreground of Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’, which has variegated foliage in a classy combination of silver and grey-green and large heads of cream flowers.

Grow it too with grey foliage plants, such as Leucanthemum ‘Sparkles’, which has pretty white flowers, and lambs ears, Stachys byzantina. In a rock garden, combine it with alpine treasures such as sky blue Gentians, silvery Raoulias, Lewisias and Saxifragas.
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