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Adenandra uniflora
Adenandra uniflora
Small garden enchantment

An exquisitely beautiful little shrub with shiny white flowers, Adenandra uniflora is perfect for well drained soils and sunny spots in small gardens. It’s also ideal for growing on walls and in raised beds.

Despite its delicate looking stems and little narrow leaves, it is actually quite a tough customer, able to tolerate dry soils once established and untroubled by windy situations. An occasional, very light pruning is about all the attention this little shrubs needs, and even that is optional. It never seems to suffer from insect or disease problems, so there’s no need to worry about any of that garden spray stuff.

The flowers of Adenandra uniflora make a great show during late winter and spring and for the rest of the year the foliage is a pleasant feature. When gently squeezed the leaves release a distinctive, aniseed-like, refreshing fragrance.

Choose other low growing, easy care plants to go with Adenanadra uniflora. It looks stunning with Helipterum ‘Paper Cascade’ which is smothered with everlasting white daisy flowers, opening from crimson buds. This combination works especially well on walls where the Helipterum can cascade over the edge, creating a spectacular display with Adenandra uniflora just behind.

Other interesting combinations with Adenandra uniflora include Iberis ‘Mauve Ice’, which has masses of mauve candytuft flowers in late spring and summer, and Convolvulus cneorum, a little shrub with attractive grey foliage and a profusion of large cream flowers over many months. It shares the Adenandra’s tough nature and is very low maintenance.

For something a little different, try Adenandra uniflora with Yucca ‘Denby’s Dream’ which has spiky looking, broad, grey-green leaves edged with cream. Include sky blue flowered, prostrate, dense growing Lithodora ‘Grace Ward’ and silver foliaged, white daisy flowered Leucanthemum ‘Sparkles’ and you have a scene bound to make you smile.

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